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Vitamin K3(Menadione)

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Name:Vitamin K3(Menadione)

Molecular Formula:C11H8O2

Molecular Weight:172.18



Standrad: USP32

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CAS number


molecular formula



(Menadione) USP33/CP2000




5kg/tin; 25kg/drum


Vitamin K3 is essential for efficient blood-clotting and to maintain proper bone calcification. Practically Vitamin K3 assists in the treatment of haemorrhagic-type disease ,namely coccidiosis . The lack of Vitamin K3 in chicks infected with Eimeria species sharply increases the rate of mortality and this is true also in case of mild or subclinical infections. Vitamin K3 can also revent the haemorrhagic consequences brought about by the administration of sulpha drugs and antibiotics which, by suppressing the fermentation of intestinal bacterial flora reduce the endogenous bacterial synthesis of vitamin K. As family Vitamin, sufficient adding of vitamin K3 in feed can raise the healthy level of animal especially under stress condition.

Directions for use of Vitamin K3 (MSB)

To be used in manufacture of feeding stuffs and synthetic intermediates. Vitamin K3 for poultry and swine.
Appearance Of Vitamin K3 ( MSB)

white to brownish crystalline powder

MSB:water soluble

MNB:inwater soluble

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