Sultamicillin Tosylate

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CAS number


molecular formula



JP15 orEP6


Appearance White or almost white, crystalline powder
Identification Conforms to the standard
Specific optical rotation +178°~ +195°(anhydrous and ethyl acetate free substance)
Ethyl acetate NMT 2.0%
Heavy metals NMT 20ppm
Water NMT 6.0%
Sulfated Ash NMT 0.2%
Related substance
Impurity A NMT 0.5%
Impurity B NMT 2.0%
Impurity C NMT 0.5%
Impurity D NMT 0.5%
Impurity E NMT 0.5%
Impurity F NMT 0.5%
Impurity G NMT 0.5%
Any other impurity NMT 0.5%
Assay 95.0% ~ 102.0% (Anhydrous and ethyl acetate free substances)



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