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CAS Number:5328-37-0
Synonym:L-Arabinose; L-(+)-Arabinose; L-Arabinopyranose
Molecular Formula:C5H10O5
Molecular Weight:150.13

Introduction: L-Arabinoseis a kind of aldopentoses, it's a non-calurie sweetener, it inhibits the sucrase activity and prevents increasing of blood glucose, therefore, it can prevent fat accumulation and against high blood glucose disease. L-Arabinoseis more common than D-arabinose in nature, it can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, preparing culture medium and be used for synthesis in the flavour industry. Application: L-Arabinosecan take metabolic role to sucrose in the intestines, and can stop theconversion. L-Arabinose has very good application future to reduce weight andcontrol diabetes. . L-Arabinose,as a low calorie sweetener, is approved to be used as a safe food additive by US FDA and Japan. The most representative feature of L-Arabinose is that it can selectively affect the sucrose enzyme which influences the sucrose digestion indisaccharide-hydrolysing enzymes in small intestine, and so L-Arabinose canwell stop the absorption of sucrose in body. L-Arabinoseis a non-calorie natural compound sweetener, and it is good to anti-obesity, prevention & cure high-blood-sugar and diabetes.L-Arabinose can also be used as the pharmaceutical intermediate.

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