Glucosamine Hcl

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It can promote the body's synthesis of mucopolysaccharide and improve joint synovial fluid viscosity, can improve the metabolism of articular cartilage is conducive to articular cartilage repair, with significant anti-inflammatory analgesic effect. It has to promote the effectiveness of the role of antibiotics, nutritional supplements for diabetes, as agent, instead of cortisol treatment of enteritis, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis B, and so on have a certain effect. Another use of its synthetic anti-cancer drugs, a new water-soluble chlorine STZ with nitrosourea anti-cancer compounds, while they inhibit the bone marrow toxicity of smaller characteristics, melanoma, lung cancer, kidney cancer, etc. show some effects.

In addition, it can be used in cosmetics, feed additives and food additives. Therefore, glucosamine hydrochloride sold in the international market.

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