Germanium Sesquioxide

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Product name: Germanium Sesquioxide
CAS NO: 12758-40-6
Molecular formula: C6H10Ge2O7
Description: White or almost white crystalline Powder
Product function:
1.Germanium,or Germanium Sesquioxide, is an ultra-trace element with the atomic number 32. Germanium comes from inside the earth's crust but is also present in living matter and the human body. Plant foods, such as wheat, vegetables, bran and leguminous seeds, are rich sources of germanium. Animal foods are low in germanium.
2.Preliminary research has indicated that germanium sesquioxide may have antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory,and immunological properties.Orally, germanium has been used for osteroarthritis, pain relief, osteroporosis, low energy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,galucoma,and cataracts. Germanium is used to support the immune system, to promote blood circulation, as an antioxidant, for rheumatoid arthritis, viral infections, heavy metal poisoning,and food allergies.

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