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Fortified Procaine Penicillin for injection

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Fortified Procaine Penicillin i a long acting penicillin preparation available as dry powder for reconstitution for i.m. administration. The sterile dry powder contains benzyl penicillin potassium (or sodium) and procaine penicillin with a suitable amount of suspending and buffering agents.

Procaine Penicillin is a primarily indicated for moderate to severe systemic infections, uncomplicated gonorrhea, and pneumococcal pneumonia.

Storage: Keep in well-closed containers and store in a dry place.

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7ml x 50 vials x 20boxes for 0.8MEGA
7ml x 50 vials x 20boxes for 1MEGA
12ml x 50 vials x 12boxes for 2MEGA
18ml x 50 vials x 12boxes for 4MEGA
18ml x 10 vials x 60boxes for 4MEGA

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