Cefotaxim sodium

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Description An almost white to pale yellow crystalline powder
Clarity and color of solution (1) The solution is clear                                                       (2) Absorbance NMT 0.20
Identification (1) Infrared Absorption                                                         (2) The retention time of major peak of Cefotaxime in the Chromatogram of the Assay preparation corresponds to that exhibited in the chromatogram of the standard preparation                                                                         (3) It responds to the tests for sodium
Specific rotation  +58° ~ +64°
pH  4.5 ~ 6.5
Loss on drying  NMT 3.0%
Chromatographic purity  
    Any impurity  NMT 1.0%
    Total impurities  NMT 3.0%
Sterility  Meets the requirements
Bacterial endotoxins  <0.20 USP EU/mg Cefotaxime
Visible particles  Meet the requirements
Methanol  NMT 3000ppm
Ethyl Acetate  NMT 5000ppm
Assay  916 - 964ug/mg (Calculated on the dried basis)

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