Cefepime Arginine

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Description  White to pale yellow powder; Freely soluble in water
Identification The intensity and Rf of the spot in the chromatogram of the test solution correspond with the chromatogram of the standard solution
The retention time of the main peak in the preparation of assay correspond with the main peak in the chromatogram of the standard preparation
pH  4.0-6.0
Water  ≤4.0%
Incineration residue  ≤0.1%
Heavy metals  ≤0.002%
Strange Particals  Should Complies
Solubility  1.98g/6ml of purificated water dissolves within 1 minute max
Bulk density  0.30-0.45g/ml
Tapped density  0.45-0.60g/ml
Color of solution  ≤0.1; (10% w/v) Less than Au to 450nm
N-Methylpyrrolidone  ≤1.0%
Related compounds  
A & B NMT 0.5%
Any other impurity  NMT 0.5%
Cefepime Assay  49.8 – 56.6% on dry basis
L-Arginine Assay  35.8 – 40.7 on dry basis
Bacterial endotoxins  NMT 0.06 USP UE/mg of Cefepim

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