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New Online Source of Genetic API's and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

佚名2011-07-20 09:47:08

The global website of NOVACHEM finally comes into being at.


www.nova-chem.cn  www.novachems.com www.nova-chem.cn www.novachems.com www.nova-che

NOVACHEM, established in 2005 in Wuhan, China, has developed into a key supplier with branded generic APIs serving pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, wholesalers & laboratories worldwide. It is delightful to announce the official opening of the website and forecast the limitless opportunities it will bring henceforth.

NOVACHEM specializes in the manufacture and export of APIs and pharmaceutical raw materials with more than twenty years of industry experience. Besides NOVACHEM own products of amino acids & nutritional supplement, we also export vast ranges of APIs, food & feed additives and final chemical products. We can deliver products which meet the clients' specific requirements by the use of advanced molecular or newly introduced APIs raw materials.

NOVACHEM is engaged in the R&D of technology and intermediate compositions with a team of scientists, experts and chemists. Novachem strictly offers clients in-time delivery to over 30 countries in the world. We respond to every client's query by mailing immediately and if it is required by the customers, we will show them the copy of typical Certificate of Analysis and a copy of specimen documents. Novachem aims to meet the requirements of our clients and partners while using natural resources responsibly. 

NOVACHEM strives to build an excellent reputation for our company. Novachem hopes the new website will bring plenty of opportunities for itself in the vast market abroad. Yet, to embrace the new challenge, we will continue with an endless endeavor to bring value and satisfaction to the customers for mutual development! Novachem welcomes worldwide customers at its global website of. 


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